J. F. Kennedy Cup Rules of Competition

  1. Affiliation. Each player must be registered with the Oregon Adult Soccer Association, the Washington State Soccer Association or the British Columbia Soccer Association.
  2. Rosters. Prior to its first Cup game, each team will present a team roster of not more than twenty-five (25) qualified players. Only those players who are listed on this team roster will be permitted to play. Only eighteen (18) players will be permitted to play in any one game.
  3. Breaking Ties in Games. Games which end in ties will be followed by a thirty (30) minute overtime period consisting of two fifteen (15) minute halves. Games which remain tied after the overtime period will be followed by the standard FIFA penalty kick procedure to break ties.
  4. Two Sets of Uniforms. Each team must have two (2) sets of numbered uniforms (including matching shirts, shorts and socks). The team designated the home team must change if there is a conflict.
  5. Substitutions. Each team will be permitted to make up to five (5) substitutions in a game. A player may re-enter play after he has been substituted, but such re-entry will be counted toward the five (5) allowable substitutions.
  6. Player Discipline. If a player receives a red card, he or she will not be permitted to play in the team's next game. All red cards will be reported by the host association to the player's association.
  7. Team Responsibility. Teams will be held responsible for the actions of their players, coaches and fans.
  8. FIFA Laws of the Game. Except as modified by these Rules of Competition, referees will enforce the FIFA Laws of the Game.
  9. Catchall Rule. Any situation which is not covered by these Rules of Competition or the FIFA Laws of the Game will be resolved by the Cup Committee which will consist of one representative of each association.