Spring League Details

2018 Spring League Schedules

Oregon Premier Soccer League offers a high end Men's Open division. It is the goal of the OPSL to provide a league with the best competition, best referees, and best facilities. The 10 game Spring Season will begin the week of February 28th and conclude by May 16th.

Playoffs dates are TBD. Top four teams will make the playoffs.

Deadline for 2018 Spring League is January 25th at midnight
Registration FormLeague Rules

Roster limit is 26 players

  • Roster Freeze date is May 1st

Qualifying for Kennedy Cup

The winner of the Spring League Championship and the Winner of the Fall League Cup will play a one game playoff for the right to represent the OPSL at the 2019 Kennedy Cup. If the Spring League Champion and the Fall League Champion are the same team, there will not be a playoff and that club will be the OPSL representative.

Teams that can bring field time to the league will help us spread the regular season schedule out over multiple days. Please mark the fields you have access to in your registration.

Cost for the league will be $1900. All applications will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Please list as much information about your team and the quality of players to help us with the approval process. All players will need current OASA cards to be eligible to participate. Teams need to be aware that this is a high level league and be prepared for strong competition. Roster Limit of 26.

For more information please contact Jeff Enquist or Christina Martin at 503-643-1530, or jenquist@pcusc.org.

Full Payment is due at the time of registration.

History of the Kennedy Cup click here.

Spring 2017 - Golden Boot Competition/Goal Scorers:

Name Team Total Goals Scored
Borce Atanasov PDX Internationals 23
Nathan Pogue IPS 7
Roy Asai PDX List 6
Ryan Groffie JBAC 5
Erik Kaufman Suki's 5
John Hanscom JBAC 4
Thomas Iwasaki JBAC 4
Daniel Pinkerton Suki's 4
Pablo Salinas IPS 4
Ricky Schramm Swoosh 4
Joe Sleven JBAC 4
Matt Temple JBAC 4
Tyler Bailey PDX List 3
Chris Cummings JBAC 3
Max Griffin JBAC 3
Tracy Hasson Swoosh 3
McKenna Swoosh 3
Jackson Mitchell PDX List 3
Vladimir Pavlov PDX Internationals 3
Ricky Schramm Swoosh 3
Jordan White PDX Internationals 3
Patrick Allred Suki's 2
Freddie Braun Swoosh 2
Dustin Corea IPS 2
Alex Eckerson JBAC 2
Enrique Esparza PDX Internationals 2
Cody M Guthrie PDX Internationals 2
Anthony Hebert PDX Internationals 2
Zach Prince Swoosh 2
Chako Reyna IPS 2
Taylor Thompson JBAC 2
Paco Alcide PDX Internationals 1
Nino Ayala IPS 1
Octavian Bernat PDX Internationals 1
Jordan Boeza PDX Internationals 1
Ryan Callahan Swoosh 1
Nate Camacho U of P 1
Jessy Deleon PDX Internationals 1
Eddie Dominguez IPS 1
Roberto Farfan PDX Internationals 1
Tanner French Suki's 1
Noah Gaines Swoosh 1
Alex Gatewood JBAC 1
Leonard Griffin JBAC 1
Jasem Jalhouni PDX List 1
Patric Jurney JBAC 1
Garrick Knowles PDX List 1
Crishtain J Martinez PDX Internationals 1
Reed McKenna Swoosh 1
Kellen McNamara PDX List 1
Matt Paine Suki's 1
Alex Ponce Swoosh 1
Reed Swoosh 1
Mikey Rodrigues Suki's 1
Greg Rouse JBAC 1
Chris Skaggs Suki's 1
Jael Wettach-Glosser PSU 1

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